We're a national act, and we want to play your venue.
For national acts interested in playing our venue, please have your booking agent email our head talent buyer at chris.z@agoracleveland.com

How do I get my band a show at the Agora?
Some of our shows have slots available for local openers.  These slots vary and depending on the show fill up quickly.  The best way to find out which shows we are booking openers on, is to check out our Facebook Page

     We're an out of town band how do we get a show at your venue?
We sometimes put an out of town opener on shows.  That being said local area bands have a priority over out of town bands when being booked.  Your best chance of playing Cleveland would be to look at smaller area clubs, or show swap with bands in the Cleveland area.

     Who should we contact?
Give us a call at 216-881-2221 . For opening slots please check our facebook page first. See if there are any shows your band or group would fit on.