Chris Zitterbart

Owner and Head Talent Buyer

John "Petey" Elias

Assistant General Manager

Chris "Bundy" Hannikman

Box Office Manager

Mike Tata

Marketing Manager

Miranda "Doodles" Martinez

Marketing Assistant / Graphic Design

Brooklyn DiFranco

Sales Manager of Special Events

Sean Hammer

Production Manager

Anthony (AJ) Osko

Beverage Director


Event Staff Job Opportunities

Hiring Part-Time Employment interested parties please contact Chris Congelio Director of Event Staff at

100.7 WMMS Ultimate Fan

You can become the Agora's Ultimate Fan for a month! Register to win a pair of tickets to every show at the The Agora Theatre & Ballroom. One Winner will be chosen every month. Visit by clicking the link below.

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Goldhorn Brewery

The Agora has teamed up with Goldhorn Brewery (located at 1361 E 55th St., Cleveland, OH 44103) to create a specially brewed beer just for the Agora. The "Agora Altbeir" is available on draft at The Agora and Goldhorn Brewery and will soon be coming in cans.

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Cleveland Scene

The Cleveland Scene is an alternative weekly newspaper based in Cleveland, Ohio. The newspaper includes highlights of Cleveland-area arts, music, dining, and films, ect. Ceck oy their reviews and articals about the Agora in the link below.

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Ticket Web

TicketWeb, the clubs and small venues division of Ticketmaster, delivers the most powerful engine for connecting fans with live events. Designed for independent venues and event promoters, TicketWeb is the industry’s best-in-class event ticketing, marketing and management solution for clubs.

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Hotcards prints over 10 million postcards each week and over 5 billion square inches of paper every year! Hotcards is one of our resourses when printing fliers, posters and other promotional materials.

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Jack Prints

Jakprints has more than filled that niche from our Cleveland, Ohio, headquarters. We’ve taken our dedication to customization, turn-around, quality, environmental responsibility and customer-service that drove our success in the underground community and applied it to other industries that face the same needs—whether it’s a metal band in Europe, a church group on the West Coast or a sushi restaurant down the street. We Work with Jack Prints for promotional materials and other printing needs.

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Monster Energy

Monster is our energy drink provider that walks the walk in action sports, punk rock music, partying, hangin’ with the girls, and living life on the edge. Monster is way more than an energy drink. Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is… A LIFESTYLE IN A CAN!

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