Q: How do I purchase tickets?

A: You can pick up tickets by stopping by the Agora Box Office, located in the main lobby of the Agora. The Agora Box Office is open Monday - Friday, 11:00am - 6:00pm. We accept Cash, Visa, and MasterCard [credit & debit cards]. There is no services fee per ticket for cash purchases, and a $2.00 per ticket service fee for credit / debit card purchases. For questions about hours, ticket availability, or any general questions, please call us at (216) 881-2221. Tickets may also be purchased online at ticketweb.com

Q: What is the admission tax?

A: Currently the City of Cleveland taxes all entertainment events, depending on the size of the venue. Current tax rates for our venue are 4% for the Ballroom, and 8% for the Theatre.

Q: What time do the doors to the venue actually open?

A: Doors typically open 30 minutes to 1 hour before the show. Encore Cafe is usually open during all events.

Q: When is the concert over?

A: Show times vary due to a number of reasons. If the show beginning and end times are not posted, please feel free to call the Box Office for details on a specific event.

Q: Is parking available?

A: Yes. The Agora offers on-premises parking in our own lot behind the venue at 5001 Prospect Ave. Parking attendants will be on duty through out the duration of the event. The price of parking varies. There are other lots in the area, but this is the only parking lot monitored by us.

Q: What ages are allowed in the Agora?

A: The venue is all ages, with a few exceptions. Certain events are age restricted due to the nature of that event. If a show is in fact age restricted, this will be noted on The Agora website and on the actual concert ticket.

Q: Do you allow cameras, or recording devices?

A: This is contingent upon the band's rules. Please call (216) 881-2221 the day of the event to find out for sure. Please exercise caution if you plan on bringing these devices, and be prepared for the chance that you may have to remove them from our premises. For the most part any proffesional camera (a camera with a removable lense) you would need to have a photo pass from the act or the venue.

Q: Can I bring my back pack into the venue?

A: For security reasons, we cannot allow this. Please leave items like that in your car. This also applies to items such as thermoses, coolers, Lunchmates, etc.

Q: Once we're in, can we go outside and come back in the venue?

A: NO....there is a strictly enforced NO RE-ENTRY POLICY! If you need to have a cigarette, we have a designated outdoor area assigned for that.

Q: Is The Agora Handicap accessible?

A: Yes, whether or not the show is in the Theatre or The Ballroom, wheelchairs can be brought in through a separate door. When arriving at The Agora, you would simply come in the main doors and alert security or staff that you need the handicap ramp door opened, and they will escort you in.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: Food can be purchased at the Encore. There is a entrance to the cafe attached to our main lobby.

Q: What is the neighborhood like?

A: We're located in between Cleveland State University and The Cleveland Clinic on the newly constructed Euclid Corridor.

When and where can I pick up my will call tickets? What do I need to get my will call tickets?

You can pick up your tickets at will call, will call starts when doors open for the show.To pick up your tickets you will need a photo ID or the card that you purchased the tickets with.

What do I need to get my will call tickets?

To pick up your tickets you will need a photo ID or the card that you purchased the tickets with.

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Any other questions can be answered by calling the box office at (216) 881-2221